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Title: Time
Word Count: 100 words
Character: Alan, Charlie, Team
Rating: PG
Summary: Sequel to Morning.
Disclaimer: I do not own Numb3rs. They belong to Cheryl and Nick.
A/N: UnBetaed. All mistakes are mine.

Alan and Charlie sat with the rest of Don’s team at their favorite bar. Everyone looked tired, although somber might be a better word for it. Amita and Robin were there as well, with tears in their eyes.

The Eppes men really didn’t want to be there, but felt as if they owed it to Don; to share time with his team.

“Alan, Charlie, glad you could make it,” David said.

“We know you and Charlie have other things on your mind. Just thought you could use some time away from everything,” replied Colby.

Alan gave him a sad smile.