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Title: Fear
Time: 17 minutes, 206 words
Character: Charlie
Rating: PG
Summary: Charlie’s afraid. Sequel to The Shirt and Contemplation.
Disclaimer: I do not own Numb3rs. They belong to Cheryl and Nick.
A/N: Unbetaed. All mistakes are mine.

“Dad? Dad? DAD?” Charlie yelled. Trying to get Alan’s attention.

“Dad, what’s wrong? What happened?” Charlie asked. Now he was starting to worry. He had never seen his dad this upset before. He had never seen his dad this shaken before. Not even when his mother died in his father’s arms. Something had shaken Alan to his core.

Taking a closer look at his dad, he now saw something in dad’s hands. It was white and blue striped cloth. It was Don’s shirt. The one he gave Don for his birthday a few years ago. It was also reddish-brown now.

Charlie’s mind started to go a mile a second, putting things together. Dad, shirt, spot. Blood. Don’s blood! Don?

“Dad, is that Don’s shirt?” Charlie said in a soft, timid voice. He was afraid of the answer. He didn’t want to hear the answer. ‘What happened to Don? Don was hurt. Dad should be with Don. Why is Dad even here? Oh no, Don was dead. Dad is holding the shirt that had Don’s blood on it. Don was dead. Don’s never coming home again.’

Tears were beginning to form in Charlie’s eyes. “Dad, tell me, what happened to Don!”

“Dad,” Charlie whispered, “tell me.”