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A Friendly Wager

Title: A Friendly Wager
20 minute challenge: Haircut
Time: 30 minutes, 643 words
Character: Charlie/Amita, Don/Robin, Alan
Rating: PG
Summary: Who knew love would hurt so much.
Disclaimer: I do not own Numb3rs. They belong to Cheryl and Nick.
A/N: Not betaed. All mistakes are mine.

Current Day

“Oh, come on, Eppes. A deal’s a deal. Quit your complaining and let get this over with.”

“I was cheated!”

“Don, you accepted the bet. Pay up. Besides, it won’t be that bad,” Robin said, as she dragged Don into the garage. “Who knows, you may even like it.”

“Bah,” Don grumbled. Donnie was not a happy camper. “You set me up. You all did. This deal should be null and void.”


Three days earlier

“You know, the way you’re taking things, Donnie, Charlie will end up losing his hair before you get married,” Alan quipped. Robin was laughing had at that comment. Robin and Don were at the Craftsman for dinner. And it looked like they were having a good time of it. Robin figured out that Alan liked to take “marriage” pot-shots at his sons. So the more Alan carried on, the more she laughed.

“Oh Alan, you know it’s not that bad. We both have busy schedules and work strange hours. Right now, it’s just easier this way.” Robin said to Alan. She and Don had been talking about getting married for some time now. They just haven’t told alan about it. So, Alan gets his zings in whenever he can. Robin and Don just laugh it off, knowing the truth.

“Okay, how about this Alan. Let’s say, whoever gets engaged first, gets to shave to the other brothers head. That should make a nice bit of competition for the guys.” Robin looked at Amita as if to ask her opinion.

Nodding, “You know, that’s a great idea,” Amita said. At that moment, Charlie could have sworn her saw an evil glint in her eyes.

Charlie started to hem and haw over the idea. Don, on the other hand, seem to like the idea. In his mind, he thought he had it in the bag and Charlie was going to lose his hair. Don was planning to propose to Robin in a few weeks, when they go on their trip to San Diego. Don gave Robin a cocky little grin and said “Okay, you’re on. I’ll do it. How ’bout you Chuck!”

“Don’t call me ‘Chuck’ and you’re on!"

"Be ready to pay up there, little brother.”

“We’ll see about that!” Charlie said, with a bit of defiance in his voice. No way was he going to chicken out on this bet. As much as he preferred his longer, curly hair, the thought of Don losing his was more appealing.

With that the guys shook hands and sealed the deal.

After dinner, they moved to the family room to have coffee and dessert. Instead of a tray of coffee cups and coffee, Charlie brought out a tray of champaign.

“So what’s the deal Charlie. You get another award or something?” Don asked.

“Nope. Something better, much better. Dad, you finally get your wish. I asked Amita to marry me this afternoon and she said ... yes. She has made me the luckiest man on Earth.” Charlie actually looked like he had tears in his eyes as he told his father and brother his happy news.

Hugs, kisses and congratulations were given and said.

Once the initial excitement was over with, Charlie looked over at Don. “Looks like you’ll be paying up there, Brother dear. Oh, by the way, Amita told Robin about the engagement before you picked her up tonight.”


Current Day

So now, Don was being escorted to the garage. His new barbershop. A single chair with a smock draped on it, was setup in the middle of said ‘barbershop.’ For some reason, he felt like a condemned prisoner. Go figure. “So, are you ready Don.” Charlie stood over the chair, shears in hand, looking very much like an executioner. Luckily the only thing getting ‘executed’ was his hair.

“So, we’re taking a little off the top, right?


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May. 15th, 2009 07:49 pm (UTC)
excellent - what a set up! go girls!
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