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Record Time

Title: Record Time
20 minute challenge: Basketball
Time: 22 minutes, 275 words
Character: Charlie, Larry
Rating: G

Summary: Sometimes winning isn't everything

Author's Notes: This contains possible spoilers to '12:01'. This is a possible behind the scenes. Unbetaed but spell checked. Written for 20 minute challenge at Fanrush.com

Disclaimer: I do not own Numb3rs. They belong to Cheryl and Nick.

To see Larry jump up and down, you would think that he found the beginning of the universe, instead of winning a basketball game.

"Charles, we won, we won!" Nothing could stop Larry's exuberant cheering. He was clinging to Charlie like a drowning man.

Charlie just gave Larry a very strange look. "Larry, the only reason we won was because of the ringers you brought in. I mean, it was great to see a win on the board, but don't you think having Lakers suit up as CalSci was a bit obvious?"

"Charles, a win is a win," Larry said, gleefully. It was very obvious Larry didn't care how they won, just as long as they did. Charlie knew about his competitive nature, he just didn't know how far Larry would go to feed it.

Charlie just shook his head. He called all the players around for the end of game pep talk. "Guys, I'm proud of the enthusiasm and hustle you showed out there. You did good."

Players walked off of the court, saying "thanks coach" to Charlie as they left. After all the guys left to go to the locker room, Charlie sat on the bench, looking a bit unhappy about the whole thing.

“Charles, what's the matter. CalSci, broke it's losing streak. We have a win, finally!”

“Yes, Larry, they broke their losing streak, but now they have to start all over again.”

“What are you talking about, Charles?” Larry asked.

Charlie looked up at Larry, “Larry, didn't you know? CalSci was trying to get into the 'Guinness World Book of Records' for having the longest losing streak for a college team.”